December 3, 2013

Major update to website done including the introduction to the campaign.

I also added character pics so if anyone wants different pictures used for here and in game (each player will have a “miniature” for use in the program we use for combat and whatnot) please email it to me and I’ll make the applicable updates.

November 27, 2013

Here is a quick “to-do” list for players:

  1. Create an account on this site (you can just use your google credentials to keeps things simple) and accept my invitation to join this campaign.
  2. Go to the site linked here to create an account and at LEAST a blank “D20 Modern” character sheet for your character and get me the link so I can get things setup here. You can fill it in later if you want, I just want the link.
  3. Take a peek at the section in the core rulebook on creating a character and actually do so, filling in values on the sheet you created above. You can use the point calculator linked here (use the Pathfinder option) to figure out your ability scores (32 points).


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